Connect Up Finalist: Get Up Encourages Exercise In The Home

Connect Up Finalist: Get Up Encourages Exercise In The Home

Jawbone and PSFK showcase finalists in the Connect Up home design competition.

  • 15 september 2013

As part of PSFK & Jawbone‘s Connect Up design competition, we asked hackers, designers and developers to imagine how internet-enabled products could work with each other to create seamless platforms and experiences for the home. Get Up by Digitas Health was one of the finalists, read about the designer’s vision below and see the other finalists here.

The Get Up system increases the positive fitness benefit of normal and special in-home tasks and activities by turning the home into a Wi-Fi connected fitness center. By combining location services, FoHL connected devices and the Jawbone cloud, into fitness destinations and activities, we can convert household activity and sedentary (non-sleep) periods into healthy calorie burning activities with a more positive health impact.

We start by using the Jawbone UP app and cloud as a connected hub that observes and directs healthy activities within the home. When a user has registered Internet-connected components, the UP app uses a combination of geo-location data, current activity levels, and cloud connected device usage to guide more health interactions during both regular activity and periods of sedentary behavior.

A user can choose to “power UP” a normal activity set that is routinely performed around the house, or they can interrupt periods of inactivity with pre-determined experiences that utilize storytelling and the home/apartment environment to encourage the user to participate in healthy activities based on time active, steps/calories achieved, or some other combination.

By using the Jawbone UP cloud as a platform for connected devices and services, we can create an engaging, entertaining home experience that uses technology, location and storytelling to literally nudge us from room to room, and floor to floor, to improve and maintain a healthier life.

Voting has closed. Please go to the Connect Up site to see the winners.

Team members on this project: Michael Andersen, Brendan Gallagher, Geoff McCleary


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