Connect Up Finalist: Get Some Sleep With Good Night

Connect Up Finalist: Get Some Sleep With Good Night

Jawbone and PSFK showcase finalists in the Connect Up home design competition.

  • 15 september 2013

As part of PSFK & Jawbone‘s Connect Up design competition, we asked hackers, designers and developers to imagine how internet-enabled products could work with each other to create seamless platforms and experiences for the home. Good Night by I-Wen Lee was one of the finalists, read about the designer’s vision below and see the other finalists here.

There are three scenarios in I-Wen Lee’s Good Night connected home ecosystem, which leverage the Philips Hue, Nest Thermostat and the Jawbone UP band.


The first, ‘Sleeping Bag,’ uses the Nest to adjust the suitable temperature based on user’s temperature and sleeping pattern gathered from the Jawbone Up. When the user goes to sleep, the system provides a strong breeze for cooling down and then adjusts the direction of the wind slightly. After the Jawbone Up senses that user is in deep sleep, it then calls for the Nest to enter ‘The Nest Leaf™’ mode, which saves energy and money. If user kicks off his/her blanket, the system will know and adjust the temperature accordingly.


The second mode, ‘Good Night,’ uses the Philips Hue to change the light color when the user gets up in the night and provides a way that user can follow the light to go back to sleep. Harvard recommends using dim red lights for night lights because they are the least disruptive to circadian rhythms. The Hue is connected to the Jawbone Up and changes color appropriately based on the user’s activity level and the time of the night. For example, the user may get up briefly to use the bathroom, so Up tells Hue to change to color from yellow to orange, orange to red gradually, then back again.


In the last scenario, ‘Warm Hug,’ The Jawbone UP automatically syncs the sleeping status with ‘Philips Hue’ and than it wakes user up at right moment with appropriate light color. Using Smart Alarm™ which wakes you up at the time that leaves you feeling most refreshed, the Up connects with Hue to change color from yellow/orange to lime/green, green to blue as a morning wake up call.

Voting has closed. Please go to the Connect Up site to see the winners.


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