Connect Up Finalist: Creating A Holistic Home

Connect Up Finalist: Creating A Holistic Home

Jawbone and PSFK showcase finalists in the Connect Up home design competition.

  • 15 september 2013

As part of PSFK & Jawbone‘s Connect Up design competition, we asked hackers, designers and developers to imagine how internet-enabled products could work with each other to create seamless platforms and experiences for the home. Holistic Home by Zachary Jesberger was one of the finalists, read about the designer’s vision below and see the other finalists here.

The Holistic Home ecosystem creates a home environment that collects meaningful data about you, your habits and your surroundings, and then processes the data for your viewing. Recommendations are given to make yourself and your environment the most fit for any goal you may have, be it productivity, relaxation or anything you desire.

Fan TV acts as the center of this framework, surpassing its previous limitations as an entertainment center. It combines sensory data and feedback, displaying them on television screens that are already central hubs for many homeowners. Here you input how you want to act/feel and the system will help you maximize your potential to do so. The Nest and Cubesensors throughout the house collect environmental data then automatically alter centralized settings to maximize energy efficiency. The program tells you how each factor affects your desired mood or goal.

The Jawbone UP collects data about you and your lifestyle, accessible through Fan TV. Based on the goals you input you can view recommendations such as food items, exercise routines and sleep schedules that can optimize your human experience.

The Fan TV home screen displays the current basic levels of your body and your environment, along with how these affect your mind. From here you can swipe over to any regular entertainment features of Fan TV (such as Netflix), or you can swipe to an app for each component listed above. Each app will show more detailed feedback based on the data collected. From here you can edit goals or adjust your environment to meet your needs. This ultimate system of feedback will allow you to optimize your home life to realize, meet and exceed all of your short and long term goals.

Voting has closed. Please go to the Connect Up site to see the winners.


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