PSFK Announces The Winner Of The Connect Up Design Challenge

PSFK Announces The Winner Of The Connect Up Design Challenge

Congratulations from the Labs team and Jawbone to the authors of the best innovative ideas powering the connected home of the future.

  • 22 september 2013

The results of PSFK Labs and Jawbone’s month-long design competition are in, and we are pleased to announce the best submission for the connected home of the future. It was not easy choosing from so many excellent ideas (see them here), and we were floored by the creativity and imagination of all the submissions. After careful consideration that balanced input from our community, the judges have selected the Grand Prize Winner who will receive a VIP trip to CES with a friend as Jawbone’s guests. The runner up will receive a collection of Jawbone products.


Grand Prize Winner: Orchestra by  Mr. UX

Congratulations to the team at Mr. UX for their outstanding concept Orchestra, a tablet-based app that allows all personal connected devices to play in concert with the user at center stage. As well being the judges favorite this concept also won over the hearts and minds of our readers, as they were crowned the people’s champion.

With the proliferation of smart, connected consumer electronics aimed at a variety of areas, no true framework has been developed to allow all of them to communicate with one another. What if we were also able to draw from each product’s unique value and combine them to create a much more powerful benefit for the consumer, and have greater impact on their lives. That’s what Orchestra does. It starts by allowing the owner to identify the connected devices they come in contact with during the day. More devices should not mean more management, so Orchestra simplifies this through a central dashboard that also acts as a communications bridge between each product.

Check out the video below of what Orchestra could look like in action.

When opening Orchestra for the first time, an owner is greeted with a menu of Rhythms that are possible  through the available connected products synced with the platform. The app works both to help alleviate specific problems like poor sleeping, and as just a gentle push in the right direction on top of already good habits. Because of this, the application will automatically engage all the Rhythms of connected devices possible. At this point an owner can deselect any they are not interested in using.


Runner ‘UP’: Neighbornet by Zemoga

Congratulations also go to the team at Zemoga for their concept Neighbornet, a dedicated building-based social portal. The purpose of the portal is to seamlessly connect building dwellers together in a positive way that encourages relationships based on communal needs, interests, sharing, and cooperation.

We live in apartments we call ‘home’ but barely know who lives above, below, or even next to us. Urban dwellers have never had a good way to get to know their neighbors and as the speed of our lifestyles has accelerated, there’s even less time and opportunity. This is all the more ironic considering the fact that we live in the most social, interconnected era ever, thanks to mobile and social technology.

Neighbornet leverages connected devices and apps to form discrete, shared connections while also establishing a building-wide neural network. Building managers can connect to the network and monitor air quality and environmental factors across an entire building using the Canary Air Sensor or CubeSensors which will send data back to the network. Nest Thermostats will be placed throughout the building and will allow building management to make smarter decisions regarding building-wide temperature control. Workout buddies in the building can share their gym data using the Jawbone UP. Important alerts can be simulcast to the Smart Mirror and Fan TV with information for dwellers.

Thank you to all of you who voted, and be sure to check out the other submissions here.


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