How Digitizing The Toy Box Is Changing The Way We Play [Future Of Entertainment]

How Digitizing The Toy Box Is Changing The Way We Play [Future Of Entertainment]

In the ninth week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we explore the toys and technologies driving new forms of play.

  • 8 september 2013

The Future of Entertainment series by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs is highlighting the latest in entertainment innovation. Over the course of 10 weeks at, we are showcasing new products, services and technologies, exploring the changing face of how we consume, share and create content and getting reactions from Intel experts.


Introduction To Cross World Play


Developers and toymakers are catering to the next generation of tech-savvy kids with toys that combine the physical and the digital in exciting ways. This new wave of toys are being designed with multiple layers of interactivity to capture the imagination of children of all ages points to a trend we are calling Cross World Play.

Augmented Reality Mirror Lets Kids Get A Digital Makeover


The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror combines the capabilities of an iPad with many girls desire to make them and their friends over. An iPad camera captures the live action, and uses a combination of augmented reality and facial recognition to reflect an image of the child as if they had actually applied makeup to themselves. Motion-sensing technology means that as a child moves their head in the mirror, the cosmetics move along with it.

Disney Creates Online Universe With Infinite Game Play


Disney Infinity is a cross-platform, open-world, video game replete with real world figurines and endless customizable, user-generated content options. The play experience gets truly interesting, when kids choose the Toy Box feature – it is here, where children’s imaginations can push the boundaries. In the Toy Box, players can build virtual worlds, where characters from different Disney movies can inhabit the same space.

How Technology Is Transforming The Future Of Storytelling


In our conversation with Intel Labs Research Scientist Tawny Schlieski, she explains how immersive media is emerging as a genuinely new kind of entertainment, where fully realized, built worlds become persistent containers for many kinds of story experiences and a new collection of tools and practices that enable radically new collaborative storytelling techniques, and compelling new audience experiences.

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