Foam Mattress Encourages Cuddling Without The Arm Pain [Pics]

Foam Mattress Encourages Cuddling Without The Arm Pain [Pics]
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The Cuddle Mattress has slits for arms and legs to let sleeping couples snuggle comfortably.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 september 2013

Cuddling in bed with your partner is nice and sweet for a few minutes until your arm goes numb and the pain just kills the mood. Luckily for couples there’s a new mattress designed to make cuddles pain-free and comfortable.

The Cuddle Mattress by award-winning designer Mehdi Mojtabavi lets couples stay close and cozy throughout the night without worrying about waking up with numb limbs.



The mattress, which has also been dubbed as the Love Mattress, consists of a wide foam block at the central part for the body, and slats at the top part for arms and at the bottom for legs. The foam blocks make it easy for a person to slide their arm under their partner while they cuddle in bed.

The design won a 2007 Red Dot award and was a finalist in the 2008 Industrial Designers Society of America. Mojtabavi became inspired to take the mattress into production when he received an email from someone who had multiple shoulder surgeries and was interested in trying out the mattress. Mojtabavi launched an Indiegogo campaign for the mattress last year to get the mattress into production not just for couples but for those with health problems as well. The campaign, however, did not meet the $75,000 funding goal.

The creator is currently seeking investors or potential partners to get the mattress into production.


Cuddle Mattress

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