Dipping Sauce Keyboard Is Activated With Pizza Dunks [Video]

Dipping Sauce Keyboard Is Activated With Pizza Dunks [Video]

Pizza Hut Canada hardwired their pizza dips to play different sounds.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 september 2013

To celebrate reaching 250,000 fans on its Facebook page, Pizza Hut Canada worked with Toronto-based agency Grip Limited to create an interactive keyboard using 12 of its signature dipping sauces.

Using a new technology called MaKey MaKey, Pizza Hut wired the pizza dipping sauces to turn them into some kind of a food keyboard. Each sauce plays a sound whenever a pizza slice is dipped into it.

In the video that Pizza Hut posted on their Facebook page, the ‘pizza DJ’ holds a pizza slice in each hand and dips each of them into the different sauces to create a unique musical track. They call it Dip Hop and I guess it’s one way to enjoy your pizza.


Watch the video below to see the dipping sauces create music.

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