Electrode Sleep Mask Wakes Wearer Up When They Are Fully Rested

Electrode Sleep Mask Wakes Wearer Up When They Are Fully Rested

The ZizZ intelligent mask measures brainwaves to analyze sleep patterns and provide useable data.

Daniela Walker
  • 17 september 2013

Not to be confused with computing giant Intel, Warsaw-based startup IQ Intelclinic, has developed a smart sleep mask that can sense how well a person sleeps and teaches them how to sleep more efficiently.


The ZizZ mask is embedded with electrodes that measure brainwaves, muscle tension and eye movement to determine quality of sleep. The mask links to an accompanying app where users can see when they have woken up during the night, how much REM they’ve gotten, and get an in-depth view of their sleep cycle.


Co-founder Kamil Adamczyk, a medical student, created the mask not necessarily to sleep more, but rather to sleep less but more efficiently. The app can be programmed to wake sleepers up after they have completed a full REM cycle so that they feel completely rested. Adamcyzk told TechCrunch he now only sleeps three hours a night with well timed naps during the day.

Still in its early phase, IQ Intelclinic will be turning to Kickstarter soon with hopes of raising $100, 000 to bring the mask into production. Should it be successful, the ZizZ mask will retail at $225.

IQ Intelclinic



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