Emoticon Generator Elevates Text Symbols To An Art Form [Pics]

Emoticon Generator Elevates Text Symbols To An Art Form [Pics]

Express a wide range of strange and wonderful feelings with this unicode library.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 september 2013

For anyone looking to express a more complex range of emotions beyond “happy,” “sad,” and other commons emoticons, look no further than

What started as a bet to try and amass 10,000 Twitter followers in 2009, has now turned into a library teeming with emoticons that allow you express emotions you might not even know you had. For the record, Ryder Ripps of OKFocus won the bet to gather a huge following in just a few short months.


It goes without saying that the emoticons are more complex than what you would normally use. Each newmoticon has three components, the “face,” the “eyes,” and the “mouth/nose,” all of which are pulled from a pool of 60 to 150 snippets of unicode and combined at random. Accounting for all the permutations, the site boasts some 500,000 possibilities.

Once you have the perfect emotion however, all you have to do is name it, which allows you to recall the newmoticon using that keyword.


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