How One Beauty Brand’s Digital Campaign Created A Better Anti-Aging Product

How One Beauty Brand’s Digital Campaign Created A Better Anti-Aging Product

Estée Lauder polled women around the world about their pre-sleep rituals to create a better serum to meet their needs.

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  • 22 september 2013

Targeting an opportunity in nighttime rituals and the processes our skin goes through during sleep, Estée Lauder recently developed the Advanced Night Repair, a serum that promotes skim recovery. The product, on a scientific level, promotes a purification process, removing cellular debris that can accelerate the aging process. The product introduces their ChronoluxCB™ Technology which helps to support and improve the skin’s recovery from damage done by UV light, smoke and pollution.

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We caught up with Charisse Ford,  Estée Lauder’s SVP of Global Marketing to discuss their campaign strategy for Advanced Night Repair and the major objectives of the The Beauty of Night campaign for their consumers. Campaign Brief cites Vice President of Digital Marketing Meryl Trueffelman Macune saying:

Women around the world love and talk passionately about Advanced Night Repair, so we created a digital experience that harnesses this conversation and creates new global connections around nighttime beauty rituals. [The Beauty of Night] global exchange ignites a conversation around these shared experiences, transcending cultures, languages and borders.

Charisse also touches upon various drivers and the cultural backdrop for the differentiated product.

Tell us about your experience within the beauty and cosmetics space. How has it evolved over the last 10 years?

In the last 10 years, we have aggressively entered the digital space as people have gone from merely “listening” to brands to fully participating in conversations with them. We are constantly evolving our digital strategies based on consumer behavior, new platforms and general trends. Digital is a way for us to engage with our loyal consumers but also reach a new, younger audience as well. We are active across numerous social media platforms globally and leverage digital for our major launches each season. We now have the ability tell our brand stories in a multitude of ways. Dynamic photography and video have played a very strong role in the digital space.

How would you describe Estée Lauder’s strategic thread across digital campaigns and channels?

We use digital to inspire, educate and empower our consumers. It is a way for us to tell richer stories about our products and get real-time feedback beyond what we can do in more traditional channels. It makes us accessible to consumers in many ways, on many platforms, around the world. The Beauty of Night campaign exemplifies this. We were able to globally engage with women across cultures and regions by asking them to share their thoughts on “what makes your night beautiful” – which became a universal conversation in the digital space.

From an R&D perspective, what are the cultural drivers behind the development of Advanced Nightly Repair? There seems to be a trend towards functional products that have well-defined benefits. Your latest product Advanced Nightly Repair seems to be a great example of this but perhaps there are other drivers.

I think that Advanced Night Repair is one of the most remarkable products because it appeals to women from many cultures around the world. It is also remarkably multi-functional, including protection from damage from the environment and addressing numerous key signs of aging. Women clearly understand what it does for them: fights visible signs of aging that are caused by real issues in the daily life of real women, such as lack of sleep. In the market, I see both “global” products, addressing many needs, and “concern” products addressing special needs. This seems to be a growing trend.

What’s a trend that makes you optimistic about the future?

Right now I’m really enjoying the trend of customized content that feels seamless and integrated. Our partnership with Flipboard and Hearst was a perfect example of this. The editors at Hearst did a great job of editorializing our New Advanced Night Repair, but without making it feel too much like an advertisement. Readers knew that it was sponsored by us but because it was interesting, they didn’t seem to care.

Thanks Charisse!

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