Fake Instagrams Imagine Famous Writers’ Social Media Posts [Pics]

Fake Instagrams Imagine Famous Writers’ Social Media Posts [Pics]
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Take a look at what a literary genius gets up to when they are not hard at work.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 september 2013

There have been some imaginative uses for Instagram in the past, like one site that gave people a look inside the life of a Disney princess. But now there is a new set of individuals falling under the Instagram microscope – famous writers.

Buzzfeed has create Instagram accounts for some of the most memorable writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Bukowski.

The pictures posted on behalf of the writers gives people an idea of what these literary geniuses might get up to in their spare time. Some of the amusing posts include Tolstoy posting a picture of his freshly made vegetarian borscht, Hemingway confessing his love for cats, and unsurprisingly, Bukowski talking about his drinking.


Presented in a way that might make people question their opinion of classic literature and the people who wrote it, the idea could even turn some people on to the idea of picking up a book by one of these iconic writers. Check out some of the images below.



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