Parents Ban All Technology Created After 1986 To Encourage Family Bonding

Parents Ban All Technology Created After 1986 To Encourage Family Bonding

The McMillans are living without gadgets, computers, internet, and cable TV.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 12 september 2013

A couple in Guelph, Ontario in Canada decided to live their lives sans all types of technology that were created after the year 1986.

When Blair McMillan and his girlfriend Morgan Patey, saw that their children, who are five and two years old, were more interested in their gadgets than playing outside, they decided to make a change. They decided that anything technology-related will have to go. Anything after 1986, that is. That means, no cellphones, no MP3 or CD players, no DVD’s, no cable TV, no computers, and no internet.

The family now watches movies using a VCR. They use a rotary phone. When they went on a trip for the summer, they used actual paper maps to navigate. Visitors to their home are required to stash their gadgets in a box for the duration of their visit. Blair and his kids even sport mullets to keep up with the 80’s theme.


The couple chose 1986 because that was the year they were born. They wanted their kids to experience what it was like for them back in the 1980’s. The couple uses their own experience to dictate what they can and cannot use. For example, they don’t have an answering machine because they didn’t have one back in 1986 even though it was already available at that time.

The couple plans to continue living their 1980’s-inspired life until April of next year.

Blair told local media that the whole experience is just a project for him and his family to learn how to live without the latest technologies, but he is considering doing a documentary or writing a book about their experience.


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