Coloring Book Lets Children Draw Like Famous Artists [Pics]

Coloring Book Lets Children Draw Like Famous Artists [Pics]
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Outside The Lines is a coloring book that features over 100 drawings from contemporary creatives, using modern art to appeal to all ages.

Daniela Walker
  • 5 september 2013


Coloring books are often thought of as the purview of children, but Outside the Lines shows that coloring can unleash the imagination of child and adult alike. The coloring book, curated by Souris Hong-Porretta includes over 100 drawings of artists, cartoonists, musicians and other creatives.

It includes drawings from contemporary artists such as Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring and Ryan McGinness, with many illustrations specially commissioned for the book.


Hong-Porretta’s inspiration for the kid-ult coloring book came from her own child, Lulu. She says:

The kid has dozens of coloring books from all over the world, yet she kept going back to her Mœbius and Andy Warhol books. Lulu seemed to love to color art by established artists. Watching her, I wondered, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool for Lulu to color her dad and our friends’ artwork?’ At that moment, I conceptualized a coloring book filled with art by our creative cabal.

Outside the Lines is a visual explosion of lines just begging to be filled with color, and is a creative outlet for anyone with an imagination.

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Outside the Lines


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