Strategic Financial Advice Depicted As Simple Napkin Drawings [Pics]

Strategic Financial Advice Depicted As Simple Napkin Drawings [Pics]

Financial planner shares his rise from the financial ashes using simple diagrams.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 september 2013

Money management can seem like a daunting task for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. Financial planner and personal finance blogger Carl Richards is on a mission to prove that taking control of your finances can be easy, using nothing but a sharpie and a stack of napkins.

As part of an ongoing series, Richards teaches money management by combining simple graphs and diagrams drawn on the back of napkins with informative blog posts. The NY Times has brought them altogether in one place to provide a straightforward and comprehensive resource for managing your money.


The inspiration for these bite-sized bits of advice came from Richards’ own struggle with debt. After purchasing his dream home in 2003, he became a victim of the housing crisis and lost everything. He found himself living in his in-laws’ basement while he and his wife scrambled to stabilize their finances.

Each of the lessons he learnt on the way to financial stability has been captured on a napkin, some of which you can view below:

Carl Richards


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