Cutlery Design Tones Down The Awkwardness Of A First Date [Pics]

Cutlery Design Tones Down The Awkwardness Of A First Date [Pics]
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A cutlery set that solves the awkward rendez-vous dinner experience and improves daters' interaction.

Serena Chu
  • 24 september 2013

It would be wise to invest a little of your time to figure out what proper table etiquette is, because first date impressions can be the most important. In many cases, our anxiety takes hold when we are chomping down on food. London designer Cristina Guardiola wants to help facilitate good table manners and encourage interaction, by removing that awkward meeting phase.

Guardiola’s First Date Cutlery is a combination set of soup spoon, knife, fork, and dessert spoon, which are specifically designed to increase the first date dining experience.

The soup spoon was designed to ensure no slurping sound will be made while drinking the consommé from the side.

cutlery 2

Once the main course arrives at the table, we generally will choose the hearty meal over any casual conversation. As a way to correct that habit, Guardiola placed magnet strips concealed inside the fork and knife, which forces the eater to cross their cutlery like swords and easily pause for a second and converse with their date.

cutlery 3

No date can come to an end without sharing a dessert. The dessert spoon was designed to allow for sharing without the awkwardness. The spoon base is rotated 180 degrees so that the oval shape is perfectly angled to accommodate cute feedings.

cutlery 4

Getting to know your date just got easier! Guardiola’s First Date Cutlery is the best way to tone down the awkwardness of a new encounter.

First Date Cutlery

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