Flat Designs Transform Everyday Items Into Apple-Approved Logos [Pics]

Flat Designs Transform Everyday Items Into Apple-Approved Logos [Pics]

3D objects get the 2D treatment to become bold and striking pieces of graphic design.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 september 2013

The simple aesthetic of a flat design has made it one of the most prominent choices of recent years, and no design of this kind would be complete without its own set of clean, clear and colorful logos. Khansa’a Abu Naji is a Saudi Arabian designer who demonstrates just how easy it is to convert a physical object into a flat logo.

His project is called “The World Is Flat,” and aims to show the world that a flat logo can de-clutter space, making it easier for people to navigate, and ultimately interact with an online site. Some of the objects he has modified for the world of 2D design include ice-cream, an alarm clock, and a gramophone.


Click through to the gallery for more examples from Khansa’a:

Khansa’a Abu Naji

Via DesignTaxi

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