Floating Touchscreen Appears Out Of Thin Air

Floating Touchscreen Appears Out Of Thin Air

Displair is an interactive projection device that uses water vapor to support a permeable yet responsive visual display.

Kristen Nozell
  • 6 september 2013

Displair, a new product from a Russian startup, is redefining the concept of a touchscreen. The device, initially revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, uses a stream of humidified air to convey the image and responds to gestural interactions read by sensors in the monitor.

Users interact with the translucent and permeable ‘screen’ with hand gestures, allowing for manipulation of the image, zooming in and out, scaling and swiping, similar to how one interacts with a standard touchscreen. Displair is preconfigured to function with a variety of apps and a technical support team is available to facilitate application development as well.

The obvious challenges that come with using a stream of air to convey a visual display are anticipated and combatted in the meticulously engineered design. Color-tuning technology facilitates a bright image that will contrast with the background in almost any light environment, and an aerodynamic ‘airflow jacket’ preserves a steady stream of air even during potentially image-distorting wind gusts.

In addition to just being really cool, the device is apparently eco and skin-friendly, consuming minimal power and serving as a humidifier that ‘benefits the skin’ according to the product’s site.


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