Google Autocomplete Suggestions Captured As Pensive Poems

Google Autocomplete Suggestions Captured As Pensive Poems

Internet users fears, hopes, and fantasies are the material for this search engine-inspired poetry.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 september 2013

While you could just look at Google’s autocomplete feature as a helpful tool, there are those that have come to view every suggestion as its very own line of prose – which when combined, result in funny, absurd, and occasionally deeply moving poems.

Founder Sampsa Nuotio, and curator Raisa Omaheimo started a blog called Google Poetics to collect these “Google Poems” back in October 2012.

While you might expect the majority of poems to be a jumble of random phrases, they actually provide a unique insight into people searching the web. After all, the previous searches were made by actual people all around the world, some of whom ask Google questions like: “why am I alone?” and “why do fat girls have high standards?”


Apart from self-consciousness, doubt and other insecurities that abound, there are those who feel confident enough to ask Google questions that would be too taboo to ask anyone else – even in a developed Western society.

These questions not only show the depth of some people’s minds, but are also embraced by Google without any judgement, often ending up tangled with popular song lyrics, book titles and names of celebrities. As you can guess, this leads to hilarious results despite the question’s depraved beginnings.


While unlikely to rival Shakespeare or Whitman, the poems do reveal the inner workings of the human mind, its fears and prejudices, secrets and shames, and hopes and dreams.

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