Glass App Puts Real-Time Baseball Commentary In Wearer’s Line Of Sight

Glass App Puts Real-Time Baseball Commentary In Wearer’s Line Of Sight

Google Glass app Blue provides play-by-plays and pitch speeds while watching a live baseball game.

Daniela Walker
  • 16 september 2013

The baseball season may be nearing its end this year, but for next year developer Aaron Draczynski‘s envisions a whole new game for stadium spectators, at least if they own Google Glass. Draczynski has created a Glass application, Blue, which brings real-live stats and commentary to the screen while you’re watching the game live.

While going to a baseball game is an experience unto itself, it can be difficult to immerse yourself in the game as much as when you are at home and you have commenters explaining what just happened. Glass will let the wearer know the speed of the ball, why it was called out and why the umpire is running to the pitcher’s mound. It brings the information of television viewing to a live sports experience. It also ensures you never miss a moment while waiting in line for another hot dog, as it all is laid out before your eyes.

Blue is an example of just how Google Glass is intended to work – as a piece of augmented reality wearable technology that enhances experiences rather than taking away from them. Whether you get distracted by the stats and lose focus on the game, remains to be seen.

Watch the video below to see how Blue works and count the hours until Opening Day 2014:


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