Google Glass App Helps Bikers Navigate Without Phones [Video]

Google Glass App Helps Bikers Navigate Without Phones [Video]

Hands-free technology of Google Glass makes navigating through the streets safer for bikers.

Serena Chu
  • 25 september 2013

Built by the R/GA Prototype Studio, the NYCyle Google Glass app was designed for New York City’s Citi Bike program to help bikers navigate through the streets of New York without the need to pull out their phones. Incorporating Citi Bike’s real-time data, the app marks a seamless integration between wearable technology and bike-sharing.

nycycle 3

Citi Bike’s impressive open data platform has proven to be promising, the team was just searching for that missing piece of the puzzle. Marc Maleh, group director the R/GA Prototype Studio, discovered a new way to employ the benefits of the handsfree aspect of Google Glass. Even the most experienced riders on the streets struggle to steer while trying to catch a quick glance of the street map on their phones. It’s an even harder task to maneuver the streets via audio directions. The NYCycle app solves all of those problems.

nycycle 1

While is recommended to not use the app when in motion, pausing at the side of the road to check directions by reaching up to your forehead allows you to tap and go. According to Maleh, the team has every intention to expand the hands-free app to other cities once the technology becomes more mature. But for now, people who are in possession of Google Glass can go to the site and install the app.

To better understand how the app works check out this video.

R/GA NYCycle 

via Fast Company

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