How Google Glass Will Revolutionize The Art Of Driving [Video]

How Google Glass Will Revolutionize The Art Of Driving [Video]

A video by traffic services provider INRIX shows how the device will be able to send and receive real time updates.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 september 2013

Different uses for the wearable technology are constantly popping up and one of them is its potential in traffic or commuting situations.

Traffic services provider INRIX shows how Google Glass can change one’s daily commute or driving experience in a video it posted on its blog. The video showed how the device can be used with INRIX’s traffic app that was developed specifically for the Glass.

In the video, the driver uses the Glass to take photos of the traffic situation and report them to INRIX. The video also shows the driver instructing the device to send updates like their estimated time of arrival to friends and receiving traffic updates from INRIX.



Using Google Glass in the car is being explored by researchers and businesses like Mercedes Benz and Tesla, but there are also those who are not too crazy about the device being used in driving or navigation. Some say it can be too distracting for the driver or may hinder the driver’s field of vision.

INRIX thinks otherwise and continues to find ways to make the device add more value to drivers without compromising safety.

Watch the video below for a demo of Google Glass and INRIX’s traffic app used together.


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