Hand-Powered Phone Case Produces Electricity When Squeezed

Hand-Powered Phone Case Produces Electricity When Squeezed

Three-in-one case could be a valuable asset during emergency situations.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 september 2013

Mipwr Dynamo is a new iPhone case that does three jobs in one, it protects your phone, it provides backup battery power, and it even charges your phone when the battery does decide to finally die. It can do all of this without any access to a wall socket as well, using a well-know resource known physical exertion.

The charger harnesses electricity using a magnetic field and commonly uses process called electromagnetic induction. A magnet inside the case spins as you crank the handle, creating energy that is transferred into voltage to power up your phone’s battery. In the event you manage to exhaust the two additional hours of life provided by the backup battery, it will take one minute of pumping to generate enough power to make a call lasting 30 seconds, or a send a lightning fast text.


Inspired after witnessing the aftermath of power outages from recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy and various cruise ship disasters, the team wanted to create a device that could make a difference in these kinds of situations. The process involved a lot of experimenting, and they still have a long way to go to reach their Kickstarter goal of $78,000, but if the device makes it to market, it could prove extremely useful in disaster situations.


Mipwr Dynamo


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