Designer Cristina Vanko stopped texting her friends and sent them carefully calligraphed notes instead.

In a bid to create her own modern day version of snail mail, designer Cristina Vanko spent seven days without using her smartphone's keyboard, forgoing traditional text messaging for something a little more old school. Rather than digital messages, Vanko used her father's calligraphy pen to create handwritten notes which she then photographed and sent to her friends.

In the week away from texting Vanko learned a few lessons about herself and humanity's relationship with technology, which she wrote about on her website. ‘We are a culture that heavily relies on emojis,' was one lesson learned. Another was that ‘a phone isn't only a texting device.' Varanko's response had to be more measured and thought out, and she was more aware of her grammar and spelling – there is no automated text in calligraphy.

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