Helvetica Hotel Inspired By The Popular Typeface

Helvetica Hotel Inspired By The Popular Typeface

A New York designer brings the popular font to life in the form of luxury accommodation brand design.

Kristen Nozell
  • 18 september 2013

Helvetica has inspired a host of brands and projects, even including a movie, and now the beloved typeface is the source of inspiration for the design of a hotel brand. Albert Son, a New York-based design student, has translated the typeface into a hotel in his personal project posted on Behance. The Helvetica Hotel does not simply employ its namesake in the written elements; the entire brand experience and interior design are inspired by the distinct aesthetic qualities of the typeface. Son has designed the hotel brand with the expected accompanying elements, such as key cards, stationery and shampoo bottles, along with a range of  branded products that could be sold in the hotel shop or minibar, such as whiskey, chocolate and tote bags.

Siting his perception that the font is most beautiful when on its own, Son focused on “keeping everything simple and clean in terms of typography as well as use of colors,” which is limited to a monochrome palette with pops of red. He envisions the hotel as an “up-to-date and trendy landmark” that would bring the Helvetica “culture and lifestyle” to the public. The complete case study can be viewed on Behance.

Helvetica Hotel

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