Photo Series Of Hoarded Items Depicts The Beauty In Multiples [Pics]

Photo Series Of Hoarded Items Depicts The Beauty In Multiples [Pics]

Minimalist photographer takes picture of 5000 pairs of scissors and assorted other items.

Serena Chu
  • 23 september 2013

Hoarding has rarely been viewed as a positive habit, but sometimes it pays to be a pack rat. It all depends on how that characteristic is depicted. Portland-based photographer Jim Golden has the ability to turn uncanny traits and objects into something completely amazing. Golden shed a new light on compulsive collectors and the world of commercial photography.

Golden’s background in brand photography has turned him into a master of lighting who can shoot still images better than almost anyone. His work also allows businesses, such as Nike,  to display their products on a visual pane that is easier to the eyes, making it more accessible for the viewer.

Assembling a collection requires considerable effort, for one of the recent shots, it took Golden 14 hours to find the perfect layout and lighting.


Golden’s fascination in still life photography enticed him to take daring shots of daily objects, such as scissors, cameras, cassette tapes, and things you wouldn’t have even imagined in bulk size. Working with stylist Kristin Lane, Golden made sure all his photos evoke an emotional core that leaves the viewer with a more than personal impression.

Jim Golden’s pack rat still lifes are available for purchase starting at $150. See more below.

Jim Golden


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