House-Shaped Travel Humidifier Perches Atop Any Water Bottle

House-Shaped Travel Humidifier Perches Atop Any Water Bottle
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Toronto-based design studio Umbra has released a portable vaporizer that combines functionality with a playful aesthetic.

Kristen Nozell
  • 17 september 2013

Casamista is a portable humidifier that is more than just functional; it serves as a playful reminder of home for those on the go. Designed for Umbra by Alan Wisniewski, the portable device screws onto any water bottle and is powered by batteries or a USB cable. The appliance can also be used with water soluble essential oils.

As reported in FastCoDesign, Wisniewski was inspired to create the home-shaped appliance while watching the steam puff out of his desktop humidifier and realized that he “wanted to give it a form that played off the function.” Consequently, in his design, the vapor is released through the ‘chimney’, mimicking a real home.


Umbra is a design studio and manufacturer based in Toronto that specializes in modern, original and affordable design in the home decor and gifting market. Casamista was released September 5th, and is being sold for $25.


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