In Brief

The 'Start Something New' ad directed by Pep Bosch features an older man escaping from daily life thanks to a folding red seat.

The ‘Start Something New’ IKEA ad features an older man escaping from the monotony of his daily life that consists of feeding birds with the same elderly friends. His adventures start after he buys a folding red IKEA chair.

The ad was filmed by Spanish director Pep Bosch, who has won a number of Cannes Lions and worked on campaigns for Audi, Volkswagen and Visa. It demonstrates how a small action can create a large ripple effect.

One day, when the man walks up to his usual bench, it is full and there is nowhere for him to sit. So next time, he returns with a red folding chair. He then looks around and sees other places he could sit now that he has the IKEA chair with him.

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