In Vitro Meat Cookbook Attempts To Normalize Lab-Grown Meals [Video]

In Vitro Meat Cookbook Attempts To Normalize Lab-Grown Meals [Video]

The futuristic tome features potential protein products that may exist in the future.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 september 2013

The future of meat is uncertain. With the demand for animal protein expected to rise every year and estimated to eventually be greater than the supply, researchers have been looking into alternative sources of protein or looking into lab-grown meat.

Understandably, many people are not so crazy about lab-grown meat or “in vitro meat” and that is why Netherlands-based Next Nature created the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, a cookbook that presents potential meat products that may exist in the not so distant future.

The book is designed to help people feel more at ease and be more acceptable of lab-grown foods, which are considered more environment-friendly and animal-friendly than current meat sources.


The cookbook features dozens of recipes that were created from the Next Nature Lab at Eindhoven Technical University. Some of the recipes include meat paint, meat ice cream, cannibal snacks, and “steaks knitted like scarves and see-through sushi grown under perfectly controlled conditions.” The recipes aren’t something anyone can cook up today, but they certainly make for good discussions on the future of meat and food in general.

The cookbook is divided in four chapters. One chapter discusses how lab-grown meat can address world hunger. A second chapter talks about sustainability. A third chapter discusses animal cruelty. The fourth chapter is about exploring new food cultures.

Next Nature is currently seeking funding for the In Vitro Meat Cookbook on Indiegogo.



Watch the video below for more about the cookbook.

In Vitro Meat Cookbook


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