Instagram Hotel Indulges Guests’ Social Media Obsession On Vacation

Instagram Hotel Indulges Guests’ Social Media Obsession On Vacation

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney has a space for guests to take selfies and incentives based on guests' social network profile.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 september 2013

Social media inspired hotels are apparently on the rise. Spain opened the Twitter-inspired Sol Wave House, and now there is the Instagram-themed 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

From a lobby that has a digital mural of Instagram shots to a space built specially for hotel guests to take selfies when they check in, the hotel is completely designed around the social media site.


The five-story hotel has 90 rooms, which are decorated with photos taken by guests. The rooms start at $140 per night, and guests have a chance to win a free additional night’s stay through the hotel’s monthly photo competitions. Guests who take the best photo of the hotel win. The hotel also offers Instagram-based incentives. Guests who have more than 10,000 followers are awarded a free night’s stay at the hotel.

The hotel is managed by 8Hotels and was named after the year Kodak came out with the first box and roll camera. In an article on Mashable, 8Hotels CEO Paul Fischman said the hotel was designed with the ‘modern traveler’ in mind. Today’s travelers like to take photos of their trips and share them on their social networks. That is why 8Hotels integrated social media into the design of the hotel.


1888 Hotel


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