Invisible Building Projects LED Camouflage To Blend Into The Sky [Pics]

Invisible Building Projects LED Camouflage To Blend Into The Sky [Pics]
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GDS Architects has designed the glass-encased Tower Infinity with an LED facade system to be built in South Korea.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 september 2013

Having recently received approval to be built, GDS Architects‘ glass-encased skyscraper features an LED facade that projects camouflage imagery. To be built just outside of Seoul in South Korea, ‘Tower Infinity’ uses cameras to send real-time images to the building’s surface.

The “invisible” tower will top out at 1,476 feet and have the third highest observation deck in the world. It will mainly be used for leisure activities, with a movie theater, roller coaster, water park and a variety of food and beverage outlets.

Invisible Skyscraper Projects LED Camouflage To Blend Into The Sky [Pics] reports that to create the invisibility illusion, cameras will be placed at three different heights on six sides of the tower to capture real-time images of the surroundings. Three other sections filled with 500 rows of LED screens will project the individual digital images.

Using digital processing, the images will be scaled, rotated and merged to create a seamless panoramic that appears on the LED rows. Click through to see pictures of the Tower Infinity:


GDS Architects

+South Korea

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