Kinect-Powered Orchestra Lets Anyone Be A Composer [Video]

Kinect-Powered Orchestra Lets Anyone Be A Composer [Video]

Music project demonstrates how composition and gesture-based technology can work together.

Plus Aziz
  • 30 september 2013

In an effort to open up the world of classical music to a wider audience, Computer Orchestra is a crowdsourcing platform that puts musical ability into the hands of people who may not be classically-trained composers, and also shows how music and gesture-based technology can work together.

Watch the video below to see Computer Orchestra‘s dramatic power.

Users upload music tracks or audio files and then assign the music samples to one of many different posts, arrange detection zones, and can direct the orchestra just by using their body movements, which is detected by a Kinect. The Kinect is pivotal because as the project’s website explains, it

detects the director’s movements and transmits the data to Processing via the SimpleOpenNI library. Processing then sends a signal to the corresponding computers via wifi. These then play the samples that are assigned to them and generate a visual derived from the outgoing sound. In this manner, the ‘musician-screens’ not only send sound back to the director, but also visual feedback.

Computer Orchestra


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