Sensory Photobooth Snaps Shots Only When Subjects Kiss [Video]

Sensory Photobooth Snaps Shots Only When Subjects Kiss [Video]
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In the Thermobooth, contact between the users triggers the flash and the camera to snap a picture, printed in a lo-fi photgraph.

Daniela Walker
  • 30 september 2013

The Thermobooth photobooth combines high tech and lo-fi to take pictures of people as soon as they come into contact, whether it be a kiss or a poke.


A collaboration between product designer Talia Radford (of taliaYstudio) and media artist Jonas Bohatsch, the photobooth uses OLED mirrors, conductive plates and thermal printing technology to create a picture that made from both human interaction and electrical tech. Users stand in front of the mirrors on a carpet that is linked to an electrical circuit board. Once the users touch, the circuit is complete which triggers the camera and a flash to go off. The picture is then printed on a thermal printer, resulting in a lo-res, lo-fi rendering of the interaction. Said Radford:


Thermal printing is dirty in its look and it holds some of the nostalgia of instant analogue photography. We wanted to create a booth where when two people touched each other a photo would be taken and two copies of the picture would print out in a quick and dirty manner.


Watch the video below to see Thermobooth in action:


+Vienna Design Week

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