Timeline Charts The Fake History Of Kraft Mac & Cheese Advertising

Timeline Charts The Fake History Of Kraft Mac & Cheese Advertising

Four new flavors travel back in time to become part of different historic events

Ross Brooks
  • 5 september 2013

As part of a clever advertising campaign created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Kraft are trying to make it seem like their four new flavors of Mac & Cheese have been around for years.

This particularly clever ploy is called New-Stalgic and inserts the various new varieties of Mac & Cheese into different events throughout history. Just some of them include Three Cheese Jalapeño being offered to hungry residents during the New York City Great Blackout of 1965, Cheesy Southwest Chipotle being the subject of one of the first websites on the world wide web in 1991, and of course, Kraft relaunching their four popular flavors with updated packaging in 2013.


In case you forgot what they were – they have been around for years after all – the new flavors are Three Cheese Jalapeño, Garlic & Herb Alfredo, Buffalo Cheddar and Cheesy Southwest Chipotle.

The idea is that the new tastes give consumers the same familiar feeling they get from a bowl of the original product – a combination of “new” and “nostalgia,” which is where the inspiration for the campaign came from.

Kraft’s website features a fully function timeline, which also pulls together vintage photographs and videos. The brand’s Facebook page will also post marketing artifacts and assorted memorabilia from the past.


To top it all off, the brand have also teamed up with Pandora to produce “New-Stalgic Tunes,” a collection of cover songs that “take you back to right now,” as explained by the announcer on the show.


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