Special Code Reveals The Unique Origins Of Each Bottle Of Champagne

Special Code Reveals The Unique Origins Of Each Bottle Of Champagne

House of Krug has come out with a unique ID which can be used to access info about the location and age of their wine.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 september 2013

Want to know more about that Krug bottle of champagne you were drinking during dinner? Now it’s as easy as typing in a number on the company’s website.

The House of Krug has come out with the ID Code, a six-digit number assigned to each of their bottle of champagne produced from the summer of 2011 and onward. When typed into the ID Code box on the Krug website, the number reveals the whole story of that particular bottle.

The ID Code is located on the left hand side of the back label of the bottle. The first number indicates the quarter the bottle left Krug’s cellars and the next two numbers refer to the year. With the ID Code, Krug Lovers can keep track of their own collection of bottles from different years.



The House of Krug is the only champagne house that has been creating only Prestige Cuvées every year since 1843. The signature champagne of the house, Krug Grande Cuvée, is recreated from scratch each year. This particular champagne is created with a blend of over 120 wines from ten different vintages and then stays in the cellars for at least six years.

House of Krug


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