LEGO Fish Tanks Provide Customizable Worlds For Pets [Pics]

LEGO Fish Tanks Provide Customizable Worlds For Pets [Pics]
Design & Architecture

A fun and affordable alternative to buying accessories for your fish tank.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 september 2013

Owning fish comes with an important responsibility, making sure that they have a rich and vibrant underwater world in which to live and explore. Fishspace is a company that wants to make that process fun and affordable, which is exactly why they create a fish tank that is compatible with LEGO.

There are three points on the fish tank where you can attach the building blocks, along the top, inside and underneath, meaning you are only limited by your own creativity when it comes to creating a place for your pets to live.


Apart form being a great way to use your imagination, the fish tank is also a much more affordable option than going out to buy a new underwater ornament every couple of weeks. Just gather up any old LEGO you might have lying around, and get to work.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for the product, with a pledge of $48 securing your very own tank, with an expected delivery of January 2014.



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