Life-Sized Video Game Controls Lexus Via Swipes On A Tablet [Video]

Life-Sized Video Game Controls Lexus Via Swipes On A Tablet [Video]

For Trace Your Road, participants dictated a Formula 1 driver's racing path by tracing it on a device.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 september 2013

Car brand Lexus Italy presented its new Lexus IS Hybrid in an experiential event called Trace Your Road, where participants became the players in a life-sized real-time car racing video game.

In Trace Your Road, ten participants got the chance to ride shotgun in a Lexus IS Hybrid with Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli behind the wheel. The participants dictated the racing path in real-time by creating racetracks with their fingers on a touch tablet. The tablet was connected to an intricate system that tracked the car and projected the racetracks onto the floor.


The participants were chosen out of hundreds of hopefuls who applied on Lexus’s Facebook page. The event was held inside a large hangar near Rome. Several cameras and 12-20K and 22K projectors were installed inside the hangar. During the live event, the Lexus was tracked by a custom high resolution infra-red camera system.

Trulli’s racing skills were put to the test and on display as he drove the car through the racing paths created by the participants on the spot. Like a real video game, penalties were incurred for veering away from the path or touching the hangar walls, and, of course, staying on track and completing the course meant bonus points.


Trace Your Road was created in collaboration with agency Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, creative boutique Fake Love, production company Movie Magic International, and post-production shop LOGAN.

The event was meant to emphasize the features of the Lexus IS Hybrid. See for yourself in the campaign video below.

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