Life-Sized Keyboard Triggers Opera Singers To Belt Out Notes [Video]

Life-Sized Keyboard Triggers Opera Singers To Belt Out Notes [Video]
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TFO creates an outdoor installation using live singers who were attached to keys on a faux piano.

Serena Chu
  • 19 september 2013

Canadian French-language television network TFO assembled a 12-note giant keyboard with 12 corresponding opera singers. The Living Piano takes direct inspiration from the iconic FAO Schwarz Big Piano, bringing together live music and interactive entertainment.

The 12 singers each wore a vibrating bracelet that buzzed whenever their key was stepped on, which led to a whimsical opera performance. The Living Piano was built for the Festival d’Opéra in Quebec that swept away the participating audience by every step they took.


TFO has been known to produce and distribute educational media content for French speakers in Canada. Offering a wide range of award-winning programming, TFO is looking to cue in opera into their show’s lineup. Every Sunday at 8pm on CINE TFO+ will be broadcasting cultural enriching opera programing.

Get the popcorn ready and gather the family, because Sunday nights just got better!



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