Magnetic Art Installation Records Gravity’s Invisible Pull [Video]

Magnetic Art Installation Records Gravity’s Invisible Pull [Video]
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Artist manipulates ink and uses the earth essential force to create intricate drawings.

Serena Chu
  • 19 september 2013

Everything around us can be an artistic inspiration; gravity is no exception. Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto‘s latest art creation incorporates three distinctive techniques – hanging, dangling, and dripping. His “Magnetic Field Record” is a large-scale mobile that paints with hanging magnets and dripping Chinese ink.

mr 7

A dropper containing black ink is attached to one end of the mobile, while a magnet is attached to the opposite end, serving as a counterbalance. Due to the gravitational pull on the magnet, the entire structure sets into a gentle spin, dripping ink onto a sheet of white paper below. As the bottle empties, the magnet dips further towards the ground and pulls the stalk more vertically, resulting in smaller circles on paper.

mr 3

mr 2

Okamoto likes to experiment with intangible variables, such as gravity and magnetic forces.

I like things which cannot be predicted. I wanted to record the chance of an unviewable thing.

It just goes to show that artistic expression is boundless; nothing is ever impossible. Okamoto demonstrated that visual representation is only limited by the boundaries of our minds.

Watch how the “Magnetic Field Record” took form:

“Magnetic Field Record”


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