Micro-Dorms Could Be The Future Of Affordable Student Housing [Pics]

Micro-Dorms Could Be The Future Of Affordable Student Housing [Pics]
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Tengbom Architects created a cheap and eco-friendly home for University of Lund students.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 september 2013

Tengbom Architects created a cheap and environment-friendly micro-home for students at the University of Lund.

The student micro-home was based on the “smart student unit” that Swedish housing company AF Bostäder tested out a few years ago. The unit was barely ten square meters in size. Tengbom redesigned the unit based on feedback from students.

The redesigned smart student unit includes amenities like a sleeping area, a kitchen, and even a patio, but the redesign and materials used make the rental rates for the unit 50% lower than standard rates.

The units are made of locally-sourced wood and are insulated to keep the students warm during the winter.



Although Swedish housing regulations state that student housing units should be at least 25 square meters, the smart student units by Tengbom are the first known exceptions.

Tengbom plans to roll out a mini village next year to see how the project will do. The initial plan is to have 22 units in blocks of eight.

The model for the unit is currently on exhibit at the The Virserum Museum until December 8th. The smart student unit was created in partnership with wood manufacturer Martinsons and AF Bostäder.

Tengbom Architects

Images by Bertil Hertzberg via Tengbom Architects


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