Mind-Controlled Leg Offers A Bright Future For Amputees [Video]

Mind-Controlled Leg Offers A Bright Future For Amputees [Video]

Bionic limb opens up a whole new range of movements compared to traditional prosthetics.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 september 2013

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has worked for four long years to develop a prosthetic leg that can be controlled by amputees using nothing but the power of their mind, a medical breakthrough that could change people’s lives forever.

Users of the prosthetics are able to switch to make the bionic leg perform various movements just by thinking about the action they wish to perform. Zac Vawter, who tested the leg talked about his experience:

The bionic leg allows me to seamlessly walk up and down stairs and even reposition the prosthetic by thinking about the movement I want to perform.


Even though mind-controlled arms already exists, researchers wanted to be sure the bionic leg was free from bugs and glitches, especially when the consequences of a misplaced foot can have much more serious consequences than a flailing arm.

More details on the project are available in The New England Journal of Medicine, but in the meantime we suggest watching this video that shows just how life changing the prosthetic can be:

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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