Cosmic Creatures Revealed From NASA’s Space Images

Cosmic Creatures Revealed From NASA’s Space Images

Artist highlights celestial figures by photoshopping images of the galaxy.

Laura Chase
  • 6 september 2013

Have you ever found your self stargazing the constellations on a summer night and start imagining how it would be to see fantastic creatures appear in the sky ? That doesn’t mean you are crazy, pareidolia is common psychological illusion that makes a vague random stimulus be perceived as significant. Digital Illustrator Chris Keegan plays on this to make all your trippy fantasies come true. Keegan, who lives and works in London, creates celestial shapes out of the images captured by Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA’s flagship mission for X-ray astronomy.

These altered images of the universe in the shape of  a wise man, a dolphin, a phantom or a phoenix, among others, have raised more than one eyebrow. In an interview with WIRED Keegan explained he was particularly interested in the way the photos allowed him to play with scale. “I usually work with much smaller ideas and objects, so playing with something as big as the stars was liberating,” he said.

As per usual, raw images of space need to be touched up because most of the galactic formations, such as stars and nebulas, emit a hue of colors that is too faint for human eyes to visualize.

What do you see in these images?

nasa 2


nasa 5


nasa 34


nasa 23


Images from Chris Keegan

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