Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

The sportswear giant finds yet another way to push fitness levels.

Lara Piras
  • 2 september 2013

Nike’s new take on the London Tube map, the Nike Fuel Map, shows how many NikeFuel points a FuelBand wearer would earn if they walked between stations instead of taking the train within Zone 1 in London. The routes have been tested by researchers who have added diversions to encourage Londoners to see more of their city on foot. The tracked routes were transcribed into a map format by specialists at the Centre for Advanced Spacial Analysis, part of University College London. The resulting data was then given to designer and ‘visualizer’ David Luepschen to transform into a graphically accurate and aesthetically pleasing map. Watch the creative process below:   The maps are available to download and pick up from the top Nike stores in central London. Nike 

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