Nude Mannequins Protest Against Synthetic Fabrics During NYFW

Nude Mannequins Protest Against Synthetic Fabrics During NYFW
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America's Cotton Producers and Importers create a creative platform to discourage retailers from using cheap, fast fashion materials.

Laura Chase
  • 10 september 2013

Remember that time when you put your shirt in the dryer it metamorphosed into a XXS and came out with tiny lint balls all over it? This is caused by the use of the synthetic, cheap materials that have become a staple of fast fashion. Well, at this year’s New York Fashion Week, people are taking to the streets in protest. A group of naked, plastic mannequins have been stationed in Gansevoort Plaza, one of the epicenters of NYFW events — just a few blocks away from the Milk Made runways and the exclusive after show parties at The Standard, and are carrying protest signs to make their “voices” heard.


The campaign called COTTON OR NOTHING is being staged with support from the America’s Cotton Producers and Importers. In a manifesto published online COTTON OR NOTHING states:

Every time you are disappointed by the performance of your garment let retailers know by joining the platform. The more people who protest the substitution of cotton, the more interested manufacturers will be in creating quality clothing from cotton.

The frustration stems from large-scale manufacturers that substitute basic cotton with mystery fabrics that generate undesirable side effects like static cling, smelly odor, shrinking, lost of shape, fading or discomfort. Check out the campaign’s website for the complete list of fabric fails and how you can prevent them.

There has been a lot of buzz on social media about the action, Twitter user @voilatori said “I’m glad there’s a protest for better quality clothes, I’ve been saying for years how thin and short skirts are getting.”

One of the frock-less, high gloss, white  figurines @MannequinNo9 , has a Twitter page where she speaks her mind and even tweets out ironic statements with a hint of protest : #SingleBecause I’m not into labels…(unless they say 100% cotton).

Track the movement on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the conversation using #CottonOrNothing

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Images by Alec Helm, @devonrachel and Buzzmedia.

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