Retired Electronics Create An Orchestra Of Sound [Video]

Retired Electronics Create An Orchestra Of Sound [Video]

Video game consoles are brought back to life as musical instruments.

Plus Aziz
  • 24 september 2013

Director James Houston’s Polybius video features musician Julian Corrie performing an original song in a swimming pool, where all of the sounds are generated by a vintage console or computer part, except the singer’s voice. The upcycled “instruments” consist of old floppy drives, a SEGA Mega Drive, Gameboys, Commodore 64s, and CRT televisions, giving these retired electronics a new lease on life.

In an article published in WIRED, Houston is quoted as saying that “emotion is easily manipulated via nostalgia… and the emotional impact is stronger if the devices seem as though they’re trying to prove themselves.” Watch the video to see how the devices appear to work together in new life. This is perhaps because the pitch of their sound shifted so they work harmoniously together as they are processed through a loop machine.

Julian Corrie

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