Magazine Curates The Best Online Comments Throughout The Internet

Magazine Curates The Best Online Comments Throughout The Internet

The best of the constant stream of online information is highlighted in this print publication.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 september 2013

Post Comment Below is an attempt to combine the world of physical publishing with the constant stream of information that is published online every day as blog comments, status updates and Tweets, to name just a few. Spliced together to form a loose narrative, the book serves as a chronicle of our daily lives, a snapshot of current culture, and a time capsule for people in the future.

Created by Kelli Miller and Kendra Eash, the pair have published the chronicle as a short-run, self-published booklet made in their local copy shop. The zine is a collection of absurdity, humour, politics, and the mundane details of life that become significantly more interesting when they are taken from someone else’s social media feeds.


Currently on the third issue called “Sex, Drugs and Robots,” you can get hold of a physical copy for as little as $4 by emailing the pair via their website. The writer/artist team are currently updating their website as well, meaning the chances of an online publication are more than likely.

So, instead of trawling through social media updates yourself to find the best snippets of daily life and current happenings, why not let these two cultural historians of sorts do it for you?


Post Comment Below

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