Pepsi Patent Releases Smells From Open Bottles

Pepsi Patent Releases Smells From Open Bottles

"Aroma delivery system" makes scent marketing a new possibility for the soft drink giant.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 september 2013

Pepsi may have a huge following but it is unlikely because of the aroma their stable of products give off, especially when you consider the chemical content for a lot of these drinks. In an attempt to remedy this problem, the company has resorted to “scent marketing” using a recently patented “aroma delivery system.”

The system uses gelatin capsules that rupture as soon as a container is opened, releasing a symphony of smells that will overpower a customer’s senses. Filed in September 2011, the patent also proposes a secondary wax or biopolymer protective coating for the capsules that would prevent them from degrading during packaging and transport.


Two reasons are driving Pepsi’s desire to introduce an aroma delivery system. The first is that it isn’t easy for smell to escape tiny holes such as the one found on the top of a beverage can. The second is that the liquid inside the can is more than likely to smell like its container, not the beverage itself.

While there may not be any need to give people more reason to drink Pepsi other than the extremely high sugar content, the involvement of smell could certainly be enough to swell the company’s market share slightly.



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