Beer Holder Blocks Cell Signal To Help Curb Phone Addiction [Video]

Beer Holder Blocks Cell Signal To Help Curb Phone Addiction [Video]

Brazilian beer brand Polar created the Cell Phone Nullifier to get people to stop using their devices during social gatherings.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 september 2013

Nobody goes out without their mobile phones or gadgets anymore so it’s not a surprise to see people using their devices while having beers with friends. Sometimes it’s not such a bad thing, but sometimes nothing takes the fun out of being with friends than having those friends glued to their cell phones the whole time you’re together.

Brazilian beer brand Polar decided to come up with a solution: the Cell Phone Nullifier (“Anulador Celular”). It’s basically a beer holder that cuts off any phone connection within a 1.5 meter radius.


The signal-blocking beer holder was designed to prevent people from constantly checking their cell phones while out having beers with their friends. The beer holder even blocks off 3G and 4G connections so anyone within the perimeter won’t be able to check emails or post on their social media profiles.

The Cell Phone Nullifier was created in collaboration with agency Paim.


Watch the video campaign below.



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