Photo Project Captures Young Girl’s Aging Process [Video]

Photo Project Captures Young Girl’s Aging Process [Video]

Filmmaker captures the subtle changes that most of us miss over time in five minutes.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 september 2013

Sometimes it’s the changes that happen the slowest that are the hardest to notice, which is why filmmaker Anthony Cerniello explores the idea of aging in his latest short film, Danielle. The clip focuses on a woman’s face against a white backdrop, which ages decades in less than five minutes.

Based on photographs of her cousins and relatives, Cerniello scanned individual photographs and searched for similarities in bone structure among the women. The filmmaker then created a slow morph of these photos in Adobe After Effects, and hired animators to add in neck and facial gestures, as well as camera movements.

Once some final discrepancies in the hair, eyes, and skin tones were smoothed out, Cerniello topped the piece off with a haunting soundtrack, composed by a friend, Mark Reveley.

See this amazing piece of work for yourself:

Anthony Cerniello



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