Hacked Piano Acts As Video Game Controller [Video]

Hacked Piano Acts As Video Game Controller [Video]
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Fans of the first-person shooter Doom now have a new musical way to play the game.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 september 2013

Doom is a game that has become know as something of a shapeshifter, capable of being played on devices that were never meant to support first-person shooters, like a calculator or an e-ink reader. Instead of modifying the game to be played on a new device, a group from the London Hackspace created a new way to control the game itself.

For this particular event, the controller of choice was an old $48 upright piano, making use of three I-PAC controllers to allow the keyboard and PC running the game to communicate. The (semi-) technical details involve covering the piano hammers with copper tape, soldering the piano strings to a common ground, and then wiring everything together to make it work.


As you can see from the Vine below, controlling the game using piano keys is not as easy it sounds, especially compared to a regular QWERTY setup. It is possible though, as Marie Foulson proves – it just might require a little bit of classical training first.

London Hackspace

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