Hipster Enthusiasts Can Now Buy Packaged Pieces Of Brooklyn

Hipster Enthusiasts Can Now Buy Packaged Pieces Of Brooklyn
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Local resident gives others a chance to own a little corner of the famous borough for less than $5.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 september 2013

Floyd Hayes has lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and says that he is inspired on a daily basis by the borough. It’s for exactly that reason he started a project called Piece of Brooklynwhich packages pieces of stone from the streets of Brooklyn so that people can take home a piece of their own inspiration.

Hayes came up with the idea as a way to give something back to the local area, which he does by donating proceeds from sales to the Brooklyn Arts Council. In his own words, Hayes talks about his admiration for the council:

They put on fantastic, affordable art events and have been part of the community since 1966. They have a strong heritage but are still fresh and forward thinking – a perfect fit for what I’m trying to achieve.


Piece of Brooklyn is also meant to be quirky and unique, something Hayes hopes will make them an excellent present, especially when you consider the fact each piece costs less than $5. They could also be bought as mementos, keepsakes, and good luck charms.

Coming from an area with so much creative talent to its name, each small piece of the street could be just what you need to provide some creative inspiration. Joking, Hayes also suggested an alternative use for the tiny pieces of street:

Many people living here can’t afford any large pieces of real estate, so this may be the next best thing!


Piece of Brooklyn

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